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Noun1.Irish people - people of Ireland or of Irish extractionIrish people - people of Ireland or of Irish extraction
nation, country, land - the people who live in a nation or country; "a statement that sums up the nation's mood"; "the news was announced to the nation"; "the whole country worshipped him"
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In Ireland, therefore, the remaining twenty years of Spenser's short life were for the most part spent, amid distressing scenes of English oppression and chronic insurrection among the native Irish. After various activities during several years Spenser secured a permanent home in Kilcolman, a fortified tower and estate in the southern part of the island, where the romantic scenery furnished fit environment for a poet's imagination.
This character is now regarded as quintessentially Irish but scholars now think that leipreachan, and its earlier form lupracan, is not even a native Irish word but one derived from the Luperci, a group associated with the Roman festival of Lupercalia.
"The Fleadh is, thus, truly a community event, an occasion and a space which strengthens understandings of our native Irish traditional culture and enhances local and national pride in who we are as a nation and how we celebrate the best and most imaginative aspects of our Irishness."
The walls were also a statement of Anglo-Norman power and authority over the native Irish, who were kept under constant surveillance from the nine towers on the city walls, one of which was Talbot's Tower.'
It is also supported by the Native Irish Honeybee Society.
The translator, who said she fell in love with the works of Chinua Achebe when she encountered his 'Anthills of the Savannah', said the job gave her a deep sense of fulfilment and was hopeful that 'Titleann Rudai as a Cheile' will bring enlightenment and knowledge to her native Irish readers.
A phrase from John O'Donohue's native Irish tongue--fite fuaite, or "intertwined"--is a good description of the woven together wonder of his teaching.
Visitors wind through a rural Irish landscape with paths carved into a hill lined with native Irish plants and stones imported from each of Ireland's 32 counties.
Playing Ross is now second nature so Aidan he has no trouble switchingfrom his native Irish accent to Cornish.
They also discuss Geraldine engagement with Gaelic culture and the culture of early Renaissance Europe, the family's dealings with the native Irish, and the Desmond Rebellion, as well as the reception of the myth of the Geraldines from the 16th century on, including the romance of oSilken Thomaso (Ciaran Brady) and the battle for the legacy of the Geraldines in 19th-century Ireland.
Mallory (an Irish-American archaeologist who is a world expert on ancient linguistics, as well as Emeritus Professor at Queen's University Belfast) returns to the subject to investigate what he calls the Irish Dreamtime -- the native Irish retelling of their own origins, as related by medieval manuscripts.