a.1.(Zool.) A species of shrike.
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Contract awarded for The successive supply of small disposable medical equipment for the specialist health care team over natka and the child
The long journey to this great goal was commenced by the people that will stay remembered forever: Vojdan Cernodrinski, Petre Prlicko, Ilija Dzuvalekovski, Meri Boskova, Ana Lipsa Tofovikj, Todor Skalovski, Natka Penusliska, Vasil Iljoski, Kole Casule, Gjorgji and Kiril Makedonski, Toma Vladimirski and many others.
1.09 Natka 800/1200 Hard Clay ton 200 Perkadox PD-50S-ps-a lb.
The subject of the order are estimated monthly purchases in kg: carrot-350, parsley-110, celery-100, por-65, onion-110, beetroot 120, apples-1000, pickled cucumbers -70, white cabbage-130, sauerkraut- 120, chinese cabbage 30, ganat cabbage-50, cauliflower-50, split pea -30, medium-20 beans, bananas -400, lemon -15, oranges-250, pears -150, mushrooms-25, mandarin-100, strawberry frozen-40, potatoes -1100, natka zielona pietruszki / bunch -80, botwina peczek -100, fresh cucumber-90, lettuce szt-