Natural day

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the space of twenty-four hours.
- Chaucer.

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The natural day is very calm, and will hardly reprove his indolence.
He drew aside the window curtain and suffered the light of natural day to fall into the room and rest upon her cheek.
In the case of laying hens, when natural day length is prolonged by artificial light, the competent authority shall prescribe maximum hours respective to species, geographical considerations and general health of the animal; and
CONCLUSION: 200 Watts or natural day light is best for visual perception and no need to go for higher light intensities thereby conserving energy.
Since the advent of electricity and technology, we are able to live our lives to the mechanical rhythm of the clock as opposed to the natural day and night rhythms of the earth.
Disruption of the body clock, which is based on natural day and night cycles, may cause stresses that may affect brain functioning, the researchers believe.
For a natural day look, the simplest method is to draw one simple line on the upper eyelid for a neat, simple, and natural finish
Applause is PS8 @ Topshop For a more natural day look, try Sisley's Phyto Lip Twist in pinky.
Disputes also arise where a new building is erected which restricts the amount of natural day light the neighbouring property receives.
The propertyOs state-of-the-art conference facility has 16 rooms, with an additional two rooms on the top floor, all with direct natural day light, and a capacity to hold up to 1,400 people in a multi-purpose 32,000-square-feet area with a private entrance from the outside.