Natural day

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the space of twenty-four hours.
- Chaucer.

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The natural day is very calm, and will hardly reprove his indolence.
That the first is finish'd in a natural day; The second thus; Saturn in thirty years; Jupiter in twelve; Mars in four; the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in a year; the Moon in twenty-eight days.
He drew aside the window curtain and suffered the light of natural day to fall into the room and rest upon her cheek.
Cardiff is slowly turning into a mini Manhattan, grotesque insipid tower blocks blocking out natural day and sunlight and causing awful wind funnels.
One of the special features that OZO Colombo takes pride in is in having a magnificent view of the Indian Ocean which offers an abundance of natural day light.
It also offers seven flexible, state-of-the-art meeting rooms and one ballroom - all fully equipped with the latest technology and natural day light, and the hotel's experienced meeting and event coordinators are on hand to assist.
It is perfect for pulling together a natural day time or a full on dramatic evening look.
Being able to give a day today and a natural day off tomorrow should be very helpful, trying to get him to the finish line.
* In the case of laying hens, when natural day length is prolonged by artificial light, the competent authority shall prescribe maximum hours respective to species, geographical considerations and general health of the animal; and
CONCLUSION: 200 Watts or natural day light is best for visual perception and no need to go for higher light intensities thereby conserving energy.
"Since the advent of electricity and technology, we are able to live our lives to the mechanical rhythm of the clock as opposed to the natural day and night rhythms of the earth.