Natural father

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the father of an illegitimate child.

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My dad became Tony's dad, but not having a natural father and mother gave him an unsettled start to life."
According to the law, parents who got married after having children need to re-register their child's birth - and it doesn't matter if the natural father is already on the certificate.
He wants to get close to Beethoven because he's been told the musical genius is his natural father. George also needs to know what his mother, Hannah Bekker, had meant to Beethoven.
Finally, Part V discusses why the Bowers court should not have awarded the stepparent custody as a third party and instead should have considered the stepparent to be the "natural father." Part V explores the consequences the decision to award third party custody in this instance could entail.
My friend had a problem about who gave her daughter away - her natural father or the man who brought her up.
Documents show the boy doesn't have a putative or natural father on record.
Kelly also said Jack is a natural father. "He's just so happy and he's so good with the baby.
Their natural father, who is of Romany origin, was deported to Romania after serving an eightyear jail term in this country for people trafficking.
e boy's natural father had little contact with him since he was two and the girl had not seen her father since she was three.
QUIRKE BBC1, 9pm The family has been rocked by the revelation that Quirke is the natural father of Phoebe, prompting her to move out and take up with a dangerous man called Leslie White.
A British citizen, the 35 year old VanessaA[degrees]Mae Vanakorn Nicholson qualifies to compete for Thailand at the Games through her natural father. She was brought up in
Krezolek then swore at Luczak and said she should take Daniel back to his natural father in Poland.