Natural fats

(Chem.) the group of oily substances of natural occurrence, as butter, lard, tallow, etc., as distinguished from certain fatlike substance of artificial production, as paraffin. Most natural fats are essentially mixtures of triglycerides of fatty acids.

See also: Fat

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Finally, the ubiquity of vegetable oils in households and packaged food products is blindsiding our plasma, because it would package and transport these refined fats like it would do so for natural fats, thus causing oxidative effects that damage our arteries.
It is loaded with antioxidants, controls blood sugar levels, balances blood pressure, can lower cholesterol, prevents oxidation, reduces hunger, and is a good source of natural fats. Other items in the GFC menu include the 'Guilt Free Vegan Carrot Cake', 'Guilt Free Blue Spirulina Cheesecake', 'Guilt Free Lemon Coconut Protein Balls', 'Guilt Free Chocolate Avocado Cake', 'Guilt Free Matcha Oatmeal Cookies', 'Guilt Free Salted Caramel Bar', and the 'Guilt Free Sweet Potato Brownies', among others.
When it comes to meals it is really important that they consist of a good balance of starchy carbohydrates, like potatoes, rice and bread, along with a good intake of vegetables, proteins such as meat or fish, and dairy for the natural fats.
Four, increase consumption of natural fats. Five, increase consumption of fiber and vinegar.
REG utilizes an integrated procurement, distribution, and logistics network to convert natural fats, oils, greases and sugars into lower carbon intensity products.
Aside from these benefits, skin-on chicken is also naturally tastier, as skin adds even more flavour and texture to chicken, with natural fats ensuring that the cooked meat remains moist and juicy.'
The diet allows moderate portions of meat, seafood, and eggs; lots of vegetables, some fruit, plenty of "natural fats," and herbs, spices, and seasonings.
* Nuts, Sunflower seeds, and Sesame: They contain natural fats that shield teeth protecting them against different bacteria.
"An emphasis on natural fats and protein will also increase as millennials seek out more fresh and better-for-you brands," he states.
An egg yolk is bursting with natural fats and proteins, making it a potion of life for summer damaged hair.
"We should avoid man-made trans fats and processed foods, ones where natural fats have often been replaced with nutritionally void sugar and sweeteners, if we care about our weight and health," says Zoe.