a.1.Not in accordance with nature; unnatural.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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To suppose They share that world, to think their sort is Matched by something in it, shows [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] How separate and unearthly love is, Or women are, or what they do, Or in our young unreal wishes Seem to be: synthetic, new, And natureless in ecstasies.
When sweet and bitter mingled together, no reed was plaited, no rushes muddied the water, the gods were nameless, natureless, futureless.
(36-41) In this mise en scene we might be tempted to find signs of a condescending class-consciousness toward those whom "Here" calls the "residents from raw estates," or those entranced by the "synthetic, new, / And natureless" in "The Large Cool Store" (19-20), but while such an inference is plausible the text's irony slants in more than one direction.
The sinister and grim picture of a lifeless and "natureless" future, making one ruminate deeply on the need for eco-preservation, gains greater value as the recent publishers of Wells' book convey the ominous fact that "this book has been printed on recycled ecological friendly paper.
Why is it that the metaphysically thin, or natureless, or lightweight concept of truth should be a sure-fire sign of expressive and proof-theoretic strength?