v. t.1.To endow with a nature or qualities; to refer to nature.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Before joining KMG, Butler was Pres/CEO of Naturize BioSciences and has held various senior management positions with Zeneca Agrochemicals and ISK Biosciences.
Originals: Aretinus (Hyamson: A Dictionary of Universal Biography), asturine (F&W NSD), aurients (OED), austrine (Web2), instaure (Web2), Itureans (Web3), naturise (if naturize, why not-ise?), Neustria (formerly in NE France, in many dictionaries), Nuseirat (Gaza Strip, Times Index Gazeteer), neutrias (Web2), ruinates (Web3), sautrien (Web2), seriaunt (Web2), taurines (Web3), Tursenia (DFPF), unsatire (Web2), uranites (OED), urinates (Web3).
Hepburn, in his discussion of natural beauty, explores nature mysticism or our 'oneness' with nature.[1] One element in this, he observes, is that we do 'humanize' nature, and indeed 'naturize' humans by predicating emotion terms to nature and nature terms to humans.
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