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A trademark for an artificial leather made of vinyl-coated fabric.


(Textiles) a brand of synthetic leather made from vinyl-coated fabric


(ˈnɔ gəˌhaɪd)
a brand of strong vinyl-coated fabric made to look like leather.
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I slept on a Naugahyde sofa, so it wasn't really leather.
Also, the company's brand include Naugahyde, BeautyGard, Flameblocker, Spirit Millennium, Ambla, Amblon, Velbex, Cirroflex, Plastolene and Vynide.
He wound up making fake leather in a Naugahyde factory.
Dutch Valley is a classic old-time coffee shop, complete with Naugahyde booths and hyper-friendly waitresses.
We laid our credit cards down, procuring a Triumph with a 150-horsepower oil-dribbling two-stroke motor, white Naugahyde seats, a ragtop canopy and multiple beer holders.
If Benjamin had it right, then your local antique store wouldn't charge you hundreds of dollars for a usable but less than perfect version of your grandparents' post-World War II formica kitchen table and naugahyde chairs.
And they're covered with "pleather" (plastic leather) called naugahyde, because in the 1950s leather was considered out of fashion.
Florida-based Uniroyal sells to the automotive and industrial marketplace under the name Uniroyal Engineered Products and to the consumer related marketplace under the name Naugahyde, while Wardle Storeys is a supplier to the European automotive interior market and sells consumer-related products under the brand name Ambla.
It is probably most famous for producing faux leather Naugahyde vinyl.
En 1965, sous la direction de Jean Kerfoot, la Bibliotheque fait l'objet d'une cure de rajeunissement bien meritee : mobilier sur mesure, plafond suspendu pour pouvoir installer le materiel d'eclairage et de climatisation, nouveau tapis et nouveau recouvrement de Naugahyde bleu pour les comptoirs autour du rayonnage.
In 1965, under the direction of Jean Kerfoot, a much-needed facelift was accomplished with the addition of custom furniture, a dropped ceiling to accommodate lighting and air conditioning, carpeting and a new blue Naugahyde cover for the stack perimeter counters.
My owner bought me because she sits in a Naugahyde recliner during dialysis, and the stiff attached pillow felt really uncomfortable against her neck.