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 (nô-sĭk′ē-ə, -ā-ə, nou-)
n. Greek Mythology
In the Odyssey, a maiden who befriended the stranded Odysseus.


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth a daughter of Alcinous, king of the Phaeacians, who assisted the shipwrecked Odysseus after discovering him on a beach
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Nausikaa El-Mecky is curator of The Marginalia Review of Books and a Fellow at Humboldt University Berlin
In his reference to Ithaca, Camus focuses on Odysseus' decision to return home and humbly embrace mortality, not that the clever hero tarries for eight years on the isle of Calypso, another year on the isle of Circe till his men push him on, and enjoys additional hospitality on the isle of Nausikaa.
Odysseus, notoriously deceitful, probably does not believe Nausikaa really is a goddess, and the epics of Homer were fictional.
Odysseus is wearing palace clothing Nausikaa has given him, and gives Arete an account (7.
Dass in dieser intertextuellen Maskerade Photis als Nausikaa und ihr Partner Lucius zugleich als Odysseus bei Kalypso erscheinen kann, zeugt vom spielerischen Charakter im Umgang mit der Vorlage.
folgt auf die Begegnung mit Nausikaa Odysseus' Gang in die Stadt und die Beschreibung von Alkinoos' Palast, die in Met.
Statt des nackten Helden Odysseus, der sich im Bewusstsein seiner Blosse in umso geziemenderem Gebaren Nausikaa nahert, sehen wir einen Anti-Helden, der mitten in der Menschenmenge von seiner Nacktheit uberrumpelt wird.
Again, the author, Nausikaa Rahmati, makes a clear point, but the listing of and brief description of a large number of gardens in the chahar bagh type reduces this form to nothing more than a simple and readily manipulated geometric palette for Islamic garden designers, and fails to enlighten us with the attraction of the form beyond its straightforward association with an ancient royal type, the gardens of paradise from the Bible and the Koran, and its comfortable quadrilateral organization.
On the advice of Princess Nausikaa, he offers himself as suppliant to Queen Arete, throwing himself in the ashes of her fireplace and stating, "my life is pain" (7.
Soldiers' Pay contrasts the moribund Donald Mahon to the activity his presence generates, and the contrast appears in Mosquitoes' art motif, particularly after the Nausikaa runs aground; Flags in the Dust's Bayard Sartoris is motivated by the desire to rejoin his deceased twin, his other half.
Further chapters demonstrate that ornament was unsurprisingly conventional, but that iconography can be memorable--highlights include the Nausikaa Painter's Odysseus & Nausikaa and the Pig Painter's appealing encounter of large and tiny pigs
And their generous host Nausikles, who is scrupulous in respecting Zeus the god of guests and suppliants, reminds us of the good host Alcinous--his name even recalls that of the Scherian king's daughter, Nausikaa.