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Noun1.Naval Research Laboratory - the United States Navy's defense laboratory that conducts basic and applied research for the Navy in a variety of scientific and technical disciplines
United States Navy, US Navy, USN, Navy - the navy of the United States of America; the agency that maintains and trains and equips combat-ready naval forces
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The US Naval Research Laboratory provides the advanced scientific capabilities required to bolster our country's position of global naval leadership.
The upgrade to the three systems and the consolidation into one large Cray supercomputer, as well as the delivery of the Cray XE6m system to the Naval Research Laboratory, are expected to be completed later this year.
Editors are Imam (Naval Research Laboratory), Froes (U.
HRL is collaborating with a group of universities, commercial companies and the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL).
Anthony Dandridge, Naval Research Laboratory, was recognized for his contributions in the area of fiber optic acoustic sensors development for undersea warfare applications, which have formed the basis for current and next generation sonar systems for the Navy.
Developed by researchers at Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore, Calif., the Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C., and the technology licensees at Nufern Corp., East Granby, Conn., and Liekki Corp., Lohja, Finland, the Mode-Filtered Fiber Amplifier technology enables fabrication of practical, high-power, high-beam-quality laser sources that are compact, rugged, and extremely efficient.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-7 August 2007-Sweden's CybAero AB to complete development of US Naval Research Laboratory's unmanned Vantage helicopter(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
After more than twenty years with the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC, Herbert A.
Mizrahi, operations research analyst, OSD/Program Analysis and Evaluation; Victor Ferlise, deputy to the commanding general for operations and support, Department of the Army; Charles Gallaher, director, Joint Warfare Applications Department, Deparment of the Navy; Bhakta Rath, associate director of research, Naval Research Laboratory, Department of the Navy; and Lawrence Fielding, technical director, Aeronautical Systems Center, Department of the Air Force.
Frances Ligler, senior scientist for biosensors and biomaterials at the Naval Research Laboratory's Center for Bio/Molecular Science and Engineering (CBMSE), have helped the team develop the new biopolymer into a material which possesses unique optical and electromagnetic properties that no other known polymer has.
Other more extensive service catalogs are being developed, including the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) GIDB Portal, which lists nearly 1,400 map servers and over 300,000 individual data layers (Naval Research Laboratory, 2006a), and Mapdex, which lists over 1,700 servers (Mapdex, 2006).
The model developed by the San Diego scientists will play a crucial role in interpreting images taken by STEREO, says mission scientist Russ Howard of the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C.

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