Naval brigade

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a body of seamen or marines organized for military service on land.

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There he was included as part of a naval brigade that assisted ground forces by manning heavy guns.
HMS Harrier undertook operations during the invasion of Waikato in 1863-64, and a naval brigade took part in the battle of Gate Pa in 1864 during the Tauranga campaign.
As a member of the Naval Brigade, formed to take naval guns converted for field use to assist at the siege of Ladysmith, Samuel took charge of the "big gun" at Wagon Hill that had held off the Boers until relieved.
04THE Royal Naval Brigade placed an advert on the front page as they had 'a few vacancies for Marines'.
November 3, 1914: The parents of Clifford Appleyard from Birkby - a member of the Naval Brigade who helped in the defence of Antwerp and was reported as missing - were told that he is a prisoner in Germany.
5-Colonel Ahmed Qanas Ahmed al-Qanas as a Chief of the 2nd Infantry Naval Brigade;
SHABWA, April 22 -- Security forces affiliated with the Yemeni 3rd Naval Brigade deployed extensively last Saturday around the Yemen Liquid Natural Gas Company on the harbor in Belhaf, Shabwa governorate, and imposed several blockades in anticipation of attacks from Ansar Al-Sharia, a militant group affiliated with Al-Qaeda.
Iran announced in June 2009 that a home-made submarine, named Ghadir 948, had joined the naval brigade of the first naval zone.
Against this base the British sent a force of 1,300, comprising a naval brigade drawn from five ships, and soldiers from the 43rd Regiment, in which Lt Langlands served, and the 68th Durham Light Infantry, commanded by Lt Col HH Greer.
(98) The naval brigade, specially created by Porter for the attack, did not formally belong to Terry's command but was made available for his use.
Before sunrise Liscum positioned 1st and 2nd Battalions of the 9th Infantry Regiment between two parallel roads, ready to fall in behind the British Naval Brigade contingent, his assigned place in the order of march.
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