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 (nə-vär′, nä-)
A historical region and former kingdom of southwest Europe in the Pyrenees of northern Spain and southwest France. Inhabited from early times by ancestors of the Basques, it was ruled by a Basque dynasty from the 9th to the 13th century. The southern part was annexed to Spain (1512-1515), while the northern part remained an independent kingdom until it was incorporated into the French crown lands in 1589.


(Placename) a former kingdom of SW Europe: established in the 9th century by the Basques; the parts south of the Pyrenees joined Spain in 1515 and the N parts passed to France in 1589. Capital: Pamplona. Spanish name: Navarra



a former kingdom in SW France and N Spain. Spanish, Na•var•ra (nɑˈvɑr rɑ)
Na•var′ri•an, adj.


[nəˈvɑːʳ] NNavarra f
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Carmen ESCALA, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona (Espana)
TUCKED AWAY IN the northeast corner of Spain, the region of Navarra is probably best known for its robust red wines and for the annual running of the bulls in its capital, Pamplona.
Junrey Navarra showed he can be as formidable on a flat and fast terrain.
THE regions of Navarra and La Rioja lie side by side in northern Spain and enjoy a similar climate and geology.
These events are called 'four hands' and for this one night, those belonged to chefs Allan Briones and Jordy Navarra.
Originally given the official title, Navarra a sus Muertos en la Cruzada (Navarra to its killed in the Crusade), the building, erected in 1942, is now controversial, like other Franquist victory monuments, because it immortalizes only the nationalist dead.
Al-Emadi and Escobar with officials from Al Koot, Spanish Embassy and University of Navarra Hospital, following the agreement signing.
Called the Alaskan, it's based on the same chassis as the Nissan Navarra and, like that vehicle, is available in several body styles offering two or four doors.
Power will come from the 2.3-litre diesel also in the Navarra. A price similar to Navarra's entry-level PS23,000 is likely.