Navicular bone

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(Anat.) One of the middle bones of the tarsus, corresponding to the centrale
A proximal bone on the radial side of the carpus; the scaphoid.

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"He's done very well to come back from breaking a navicular bone behind last year and I was very happy with his comeback run at Ripon.
Noble, who broke the navicular bone in her foot last summer and underwent surgery to repair the injury, was unable to train for most of the fall and winter as she recovered from the operation.
The procedure required a bone graft and the insertion of a screw to close the fracture line of her navicular bone.
The 2006 NCAA 800-meter champion had surgery on a fractured navicular bone in her right foot on July 23.
In fact, the junior all-American from Spokane won't be running at all for the next several weeks after undergoing surgery July 23 to repair a fractured navicular bone in her right foot.
Injuries alleged: Fractures to the femur, tibia, fibula and navicular bone; loss of big toe
When analysing the articular surfaces between the plantar and dorsal pieces, we observed that the posterior half was formed by a smooth triangular surface of hyaline cartilage, continuous with the articular surfaces for the navicular bone. On the other hand, the anterior half of the bipartite articulation showed an irregular shape, with a rough surface with fibrous tissue uniting the two pieces (Fig.
Kohler disease refers to childhood onset avascular necrosis of the navicular bone. Hybrid SPECT-CT bone scintigraphy offers both functional and anatomic details in a single acquisition if radiography is non-diagnostic in a limping child.
The Dunblane athlete and Central AC star raced over 3000 metres at the Millrose Games in NewYork on February 3 and during that race he suffered a fractured navicular bone in his right foot.
MRI and plain radiography demonstrated a main lesion in the calcaneus, two others in the navicular bone, and a last one in the plantar soft tissue (Figure 1(a)).
One marker was placed on the navicular bone of the right foot, indicating the medial longitudinal arch (Fig.