Navicular disease

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(Far.) a disease affecting the navicular bone, or the adjacent parts, in a horse's foot.

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Diagnoses were categorized according to anatomical site affected and type of lesion, as follows: desmitis, tendonitis, bone reaction (sesamoiditis, pedal osteitis, navicular disease, and the distal interphalangeal osteoarthritis), joint disease (articular osteoarthritis), fracture, muscle injury (stretch), others (abscess, laminitis, low back pain or wounds).
2 In veterinary practice today, it is used especially in the treatment of equine navicular disease and laminitis.
Navicular disease (nah-vihck-yoo-lahr) A complex syndrome that occurs when the navicular bone in horses degenerates, causing pain and lameness.
Navicular disease is an inflammation of navicular bone and bursa.