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Noun1.Navy Secretary - head of a former executive departmentNavy Secretary - head of a former executive department; combined with the War Secretary to form the Defense Secretary in 1947
secretaryship - the position of secretary
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In memos addressed to acting Pentagon chief Patrick Shanahan and Navy secretary Richard Spencer, General Robert Neller wrote that he had been forced to cancel or reduce exercises in five countries.Neller added the declaration meant the corps could not afford to rebuild hurricane-hit bases in North Carolina and Georgia.
Army Secretary Mark Esper, Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson and Navy Secretary Richard Spencer have characterized their relationships with Mattis as close, and Wilson has said she chose to serve in the administration specifically at the request of Mattis.
Navy Secretary Richard Spencer, File Photo CAIRO -- 23 December 2018: US Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer has termed Egypt as a vital regional partner that plays a major role in ensuring free and open access to the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.
In a press release that was ( posted on McCain's website, Navy Secretary Richard Spencer said, "As a warrior and a statesman who has always put country first, Sen.
The General Board retained influence as a policy development body for the navy secretary. The creation of the OpNav staff initiated tensions between the uniformed advisors to the civilian secretary and the highest ranking naval officer.
Navy Secretary Richard Spencer said long-term funding is needed to beef up the supply.
The comments by John F Lehman, an investment banker in New York who was Navy secretary in the Reagan administration, signal the first serious public split among the 10 commissioners since they issued a 2004 final report that was largely read as an exoneration of Saudi Arabia, which was home to 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11.
To remedy challenges identified during the Spanish-American War, Navy Secretary John D.
23 (BNA): Below are some headlines from Bahrain's newspapers on local events: // Deputy King receives US Navy Secretary; highlights joint role in securing navigation, combatting terrorism.
The announcement comes a day before the top US Navy officer and the navy secretary are scheduled to go to Capitol Hill for a hearing on the incidents.
Even though the study is not slated to wrap up until at least April, Brophy offered his thoughts on some key capabilities for NGAD.For one, it could be unmanned or optionally manned, as was the hope of former Navy Secretary Ray Mabus." It is not lost on us that artificial intelligence unmanned, it's coming and it's out there, and we need to be able to incorporate that into what we're looking at out there," Brophy said.Another key attribute that NGAD will likely incorporate is a longer range.

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