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Noun1.Navy Secretary - head of a former executive departmentNavy Secretary - head of a former executive department; combined with the War Secretary to form the Defense Secretary in 1947
secretaryship - the position of secretary
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Having US Navy Secretary Spencer in Bethpage is an opportunity for the local water districts to educate the Secretary on the critical need for the Navy to more aggressively contain the advancement of the plume and to establish a better system for more prompt payment of the considerable costs the water districts absorb while they fight this battle, said U.
At the ceremony, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus presented Sgt.
The public is dangerously oblivious to the hazards of "biological" terrorism and the nation lacks mechanisms to cope with future attacks, says Richard Danzig, former Navy secretary and senior national security advisor to Democratic presidential hopeful Sen.
Army Secretary Togo West, Navy Secretary John Dalton and Air Force Secretary Sheila Widnall are each to report on how their commanders have ``communicated resolve not to tolerate sexual harassment or unprofessional relationships at any level of command,'' the Pentagon said in a prepared statement.
Warner, a former Navy secretary, questioned the cut of an attack submarine .
For example, there is a picture of former Navy Secretary Josephus Daniels the supposed namesake for the phrase a cup of Joe who once occupied this office.
surrounded by his family and friends - stood tall and proud Monday when Navy Secretary Ray Mabus presented him with the distinguished Navy Cross, the American naval service's highest honor.
The Navy secretary would coordinate the service's 30-year shipbuilding plan with the Army, Coast Guard, National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, and other agencies to develop a government-wide blueprint.
Navy Secretary John Dalton said he decided in favor of Honolulu after evaluating the technical, financial, historical and public interest aspects of the varied proposals.
In a recent meeting with Navy Secretary Nominee Richard Spencer, Schumer expressed the importance of these programs to the military and to Upstate New York.
Navy Secretary Ray Mabus on Monday honored four members of a Marine special operations team in a rare public ceremony for those who have served in the covert forces.
I take issue with Mark Johnson and Navy Secretary Donald Winter in saying that industry hasn't put its best minds to tackling technical challenges presented by the current battlefield (Defense Stifles Innovation Despite Urgent War Needs, July 2006).

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