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 (năk′sŏs, -sōs, näk′sôs)
An island of southeast Greece in the Aegean Sea. The largest of the Cyclades, it was famous in ancient times as a center of Dionysian worship. Naxos belonged to Venice and then Turkey before it became part of independent Greece in 1829.


(Placename) a Greek island in the S Aegean, the largest of the Cyclades: ancient centre of the worship of Dionysius. Pop: 18 188 (2001). Area: 438 sq km (169 sq miles)


(ˈnæk sɒs, -soʊs)

a Greek island in the S Aegean: the largest of the Cyclades group. 14,201; 169 sq. mi. (438 sq. km).
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There are two things which of all others most evidently occasion a revolution in an oligarchy; one is, when the people are ill used, for then every individual is ripe for [1305b] sedition; more particularly if one of the oligarchy should happen to be their leader; as Lygdamis, at Naxus, who was afterwards tyrant of that island.