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Noun1.Nazi Germany - the Nazi dictatorship under Hitler (1933-1945)Nazi Germany - the Nazi dictatorship under Hitler (1933-1945)
Reich - the German state
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The Persecution and Murder of the European Jews by Nazi Germany, 1933-1945; Volume 2
The UK declared war on Nazi Germany in order to stop other countries being taken over - notably Poland.
Summary: Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], July 14 (ANI): Hitting out at the right-wing US media's interpretation of Subhash Chandra Bose's fight against the British as a support to Nazi Germany, his grandson on Sunday said that it was Adolf Hitler who supported Bose in his fight and never the other way.
French president Emmanuel Macron yesterday relit the flame of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the capital during a ceremony to mark the 74th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany in the Second World War.
A former resident at a hospital in Ohio has been accused of anti-Semitism after a series of tweets in which she compared Israel to Nazi Germany. According to Orthodox online news outlet Yeshiva World News, Lara Kollab, 27, a graduate of Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, was recently fired from her position as an internal medicine resident at the Cleveland Clinic, "after it emerged that she had been fanning anti-Semitic sentiment on Twitter for at least the last six years."
Sachs was born in Berlin in 1891 and escaped Nazi Germany near the beginning of World War II, in 1940.
Hart details the troubling stories of eight separate prewar groups in the United States that endorsed, sympathized with, or benefitted Nazi Germany. Fortunately, large egos, extreme personalities, jealousies, and in some cases a poor understanding of American society and culture prevented the groups from unifying and, perhaps, changing the course of history.
MINISTERS have rejected comparisons of Theresa May's "hostile environment" for illegal immigrants to the policies of Nazi Germany amid deepening anger at the Government's treatment of the so-called Windrush generation.
The Israeli representative to Taiwan, Asher Yarden, during his address called for improving education in Taiwan about the Holocaust and the wrongdoings of Nazi Germany.
POLAND'S president Andrzej Duda said he will sign legislation that outlaws blaming Poland as a nation for Holocaust crimes committed by Nazi Germany, defying Israeli criticism and a US warning.
In "Shaping the New Man: Youth Training Regimes in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany", academician and historian Alessio Ponzio uncovers the largely untold story of the training and education of these crucial protagonists of the Fascist and Nazi regimes, and he examines more broadly the structures, ideologies, rhetoric, and aspirations of youth organizations in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany.
Moroni and the Swastika: Mormons in Nazi Germany. By David Conley Nelson.