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Noun1.Nazimova - United States actress (born in Russia) (1879-1945)
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Low winter temperatures and permafrost are limiting factors that formulate the composition and distribution of plant communities in Siberia (Nazimova et al., 1990; Tchebakova et al., 1994).
The 'Twin Peaks' star will portray the role of silent film actress Alla Nazimova of Russia, confirmed Variety.
Theatre Royal, Corporation Street, St Helens, 01744 756 000 - Sun, 11 Mar music The Cornerstone Festival: Salome A live, dramatic percussion spectacle, featuring the 1923 silent film starring Alla Nazimova, with music by Charlie Barber.
El hecho de utilizar actores provenientes de la danza no puede ser ignorado en el caso de Dulac porque al igual que en ocasiones anteriores, Brinda es interpretada por la bailarina Djemil Anik, influenciada por la bailarina rusa y actriz, Alla Nazimova a la que vio interpretando un papel en La lintera roja (The red lantern, 1919) de Albert Capellani.
Alia Nazimova, a Russian expat who's performed in the U.S.
Take Alla Nazimova's Salome, which at times was percieved as being, in Anger's indelible characterization, "'Nancy-Prancy-Pansy-Piffle' and just too queer for words." [Laughter.] It's very much a product of primeval Hollywood, a movie from another age, yet its aesthetic program, from the expressive mise-en-scene to the way the characters move, carries on in later filmmaking, certainly in Anger's.
On stage and screen, Camille has been played by Theda Bara, Alla Nazimova, Norma Talmadge, Greta Garbo, Greta Scacchi, and Charles Ludlam.
Tucson, AZ, July 05, 2013 --( Anaphora Literary Press is pleased to promote Twilight of the Immortal, which tells the remarkable story of early Hollywood through the eyes of Rosemary McKisco, a wayward young heiress who throws in her lot with the great Alla Nazimova, the first openly lesbian star of stage and screen.
Petersberg in 1906 and then publicly in Paris in the 1910s, from Bessie Tomashevsky, who played the role to great acclaim in the Yiddish theater in 1908, to Theda Bara (nee Theodosia Goldberg) and Alla Nazimova, who played her with great panache in the movies in the 1910s and 1920s, the role of Salome became a path to glittering stardom for Jewish actresses and dancers, a route that Fanny Brice's song both parodied and adumbrated.
Just when his literature professor was lecturing on the plays of Henrik Ibsen, a touring production of Ghosts, starring the legendary Alla Nazimova, came to campus.
The score for the now legendary silent film Salom starring Alla Nazimova - who near bankrupted herself by financing what proved just too challenging for its own period - is a decadent mixture of Arabic-inspired ensemble music and voices that are spiritual, mystical and evoke Oriental allure.
Greater space is given, with some justification, to the tours of Pavel Orlenev and Vera Komissarzhevskaya and the beginnings of Alla Nazimova's career.