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Noun1.Nazimova - United States actress (born in Russia) (1879-1945)
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The untitled drama will look at the association of the two actresses with famous figures like John Gilbert, Mercedes de Acosta, Tallulah Bankhead, Alla Nazimova, Barbara Stanwyck, Cary Grant and John Wayne, among others.
Fleeing a respectable marriage to a wealthy Broadway producer on the eve of America's entry into the Great War, Rosemary follows Nazimova to Hollywood, navigating her twilight world where women prefer women and men prefer men.
Just when his literature professor was lecturing on the plays of Henrik Ibsen, a touring production of Ghosts, starring the legendary Alla Nazimova, came to campus.
The score for the now legendary silent film Salom starring Alla Nazimova - who near bankrupted herself by financing what proved just too challenging for its own period - is a decadent mixture of Arabic-inspired ensemble music and voices that are spiritual, mystical and evoke Oriental allure.
Displayed on a wall were framed reproductions of old photographs with numerous historical personages in them, including the director, choreographer, and dancer Aida Overton Walker and the dancer and costume and light designer Loie Fuller, in addition to Flaubert, Wilde, and Nazimova.
Directed by Charles Bryant and starring Alla Nazimova, Salome is considered to be one of the first art films to be made in the US.
Similarly, lesbian silent film star Alia Nazimova lived in a lavender tandem with gay actor Charles Bryant, and, as Gavin Lambert shows in his illustrated biography Nazimova, the two posed often for publicity pictures, Nazimova sitting on Bryant's lap or, in another photo, looking up at him in romantic adoration.
By 1918, she was the primary writer for Metro Studios, turning out scripts for their major stars such as Alla Nazimova, Francis X.
The festival's tribute to Turner Classic Movies will feature a rare screening of the infamous 1921 version of CAMILLE, starring Rudolph Valentino and Alla Nazimova.
And Lambert, whose nonfiction works include Norma Shearer, On Cukor, Nazimova, and Mainly About Lindsay Anderson, is the ideal writer to illuminate it.
Alla Nazimova, a popular stage actress, made her screen debut in War Brides ill which she declares, "No more children for war
She also headed both the Abbey and Gaiety acting schools, where she shared with the next generation of Irish actors what she had learned from Le Gallienne and troupe member Alia Nazimova, who had trained with Stanislavski at the Moscow Art Theatre.