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The American act of killing Nazir was "cruel", tribal elders Shereen Jan and Malik Dost Muhammad said.
Missiles hit two villages near the Afghan border on Wednesday, killing 13 people including senior militant commander Maulvi Nazir.
ISLAMABAD (PAN): Mullah Nazir, the main Pakistani Taliban commander in the south Waziristan, was among 10 people killed in a serial US drone strikes near the Afghan border, an official said on Thursday.
Maulvi Nazir Wazir, or Mullah Nazir, died when the unmanned missiles hit a house in Angoor Adda, near the capital of Wana, South Waziristan, close to the Afghanistan border.
When Muhammad Shahid Nazir left his four children behind in Pakistan to study business in London, he could never have imagined he would one day be cavorting in a Warner video with scantily-clad Western beauties, singing about fish.
According to security sources, a suicide bomber blew himself up as Mullah Nazir, commander of Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP)'s factional group, was coming out of a mosque in the Bazaar.
Renowned Indian musician Ustad Amjad Ali Khan will be given the first Prem Nazir International Award during a function in Dammam today, said Rafeek Younus, international coordinator of Soorya and vice president of Saihati Group.
IMRAN NAZIR powered Pakistan as they became the final team to qualify for the Super Eights with an eight-wicket win over Bangladesh.
IMRAN NAZIR has been a frustrating figure for Pakistan cricket fans but the dashing opener could cement his place in the side with a contribution in today's World Twenty20 clash with Bangladesh, writes James Milton.
Tottering on 39 for the loss of four wickets, with star batsmen Atiqur Rehman and Sarfraz Ali and reliable middle order men Faisal Nazir and Waheed Wahab all gone, Bassali started a late charge through Yasser Nazir and Bilal Mansour, who each scored 48.
Perhaps one of the most thought provoking presentatations on new sections at the International WILPF Congress came from Sameena Nazir, a WILPF member from Pakistan.
Adam Abdullah Nazir, who owns Cardigan News, in Wavertree, said he felt let down by the service provided to him by officers.