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n. pl. Ndebele or Nde·be·les
1. A member of a Zulu people of southwest Zimbabwe.
2. The Nguni language of the Ndebele, closely related to Zulu spoken in South Africa. In both senses also called Matabele.

[Ndebele -Ndebele (as in amaNdebele, Ndebele people, and isiNdebele, Ndebele language); perhaps akin to Sotho Matebele, Zulu peoples entering Sotho territories in the 19th century; see Matabele.]


npl Ndebele
1. (Peoples) a member of a Negroid people of Zimbabwe. See also Matabele
2. (Languages) the language of this people, belonging to the Bantu grouping of the Niger-Congo family
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Noun1.Ndebele - a Bantu language sometimes considered a dialect of Zulu
Nguni - a group of southern Bantu languages
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To underline the role of transportation, especially aviation, in the South African economy, Ndebele notes that the new King Shaka International will create some 270,000 direct and indirect jobs and pump close to ZAR 20 billion (US$2.
Los ndebele son grandes artistas y lo demuestran pintando sus casas con intrincados y coloridos disenos.
Patience Katsama and Khulani Ndebele are both from Zimbabwe but have been studying and living in Middlesbrough for several years.
Some 20,000 civilians died in the 1982-1987 Matabeleland uprising staged by disaffected guerrillas of the minority Ndebele tribe who fought in the bush war that ended white-rule in the former British colony of Rhodesia, as Zimbabwe was known prior to its independence.
The Queen showed him some of the pieces - shaped as Zulu and Ndebele warriors, huts and zebra heads - given by Mr Mandela on a state visit to the UK in 1996.
The first volume (published in 1979) described the establishment of a Jesuit house near Gubuluwayo (in what is now Zimbabwe), the capital of Lobengula, chief of the Ndebele.
South African transport minister Sibusiso Ndebele has expressed concern over the events, which have prompted regulatory scrutiny of the carrier's operations, and the ministry says Ndebele is "considering grounding the airline".
Christian Grant brazenly called out numbers he knew were on cards bought by two different women, Samantha Temple and Nandi Ndebele, at the Gala bingo hall where he worked.
Mr Ndebele added: "Leading up to the 2010 FIFA World Cup, we will ensure that Emirates Airline is well supported in its provision of air services to the three key hubs of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban for the World Cup.
To round off the discussion of reading stories in an historical context and the place of fiction in political debate, I want to bring present practices in South African fiction into focus by using The Cry of Winnie Mandela by Njabulo S Ndebele (2003).
Yvette Christianse, Michiel Heyns, David Medalie, Phaswane Mpe, Njabulo S Ndebele and Zoe Wicomb have all published in other literary forms: poetry, the short story, children's fiction and/or critical articles.
She has published three remarkable books, showcasing the murals and beadwork of Ndebele women in Southern Africa, the murals and mud-cloth painting of women across West Africa, and the weaving and pottery of Berber women living in the harsh environment of the Atlas mountains in North Africa.