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n. pl. Ndongo or Ndong·os
See Mbundu.
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(ˈbʊn du, əmˈbʊn-)

n., pl. -dus, (esp. collectively) -du.
a. a member of an African people or group of peoples of N Angola.
b. the Bantu language of the Mbundu.
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A l'image de Ndongo Samba Sylla qui a fini vice-champion du monde de scrabble en elite, l'epreuve la plus prestigieuse au programme de la Federation internationale de scrabble francophone (FISF).
The Ndongo were the Kimbundu speakers most severely affected by the exodus, while the Umbundu population was only marginally affected.
His destruction of Julius Ndongo in two rounds a year ago, and subsequent demolition of unbeaten Juan Velasco, were impressive.
His destruction of Julius Ndongo and demolition of unbeaten Juan Velasco were impressive.
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Thomas-in-the-East's Central African descendants, for instance, recall their immigrant forebears as belonging to six subgroups: Kongo and Nsundi, from two provinces of the old Kongo kingdom (23); Ndongo, from the area north and east of the Zaire River estuary, commonly found as strangers in the Kongo kingdom; Bobangi from the Zaire River, upstream from Malebo Pool; Yaka, from a number of kingdoms in the Kwango River Valley; and the Ambaka of Angola." (Schuler 1980: 69-70).
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