Ne exeat

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Ne` ex´e`at

1.(Law) A writ to restrain a person from leaving the country, or the jurisdiction of the court. The writ was originally applicable to purposes of state, but is now an ordinary process of courts of equity, resorted to for the purpose of obtaining bail, or security to abide a decree.
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The resulting court order, known as a writ of ne exeat republica (writ), commands the U.
finding that the ne exeat right did not constitute a right of custody
International Law--Rights of access with ne exeat clause do not create rights of custody under Hague Convention--Abbott v.
Croll, in which she would have held that a ne exeat clause in a Hong Kong custody order vests "rights of custody" under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.
law and internationally, that is, whether a parent's right of access coupled with a ne exeat clause, i.
By virtue of the doctrine of patria potestas, [Petitioner], the father, had rights relating to the care of the person of the child, and, by virtue both of that doctrine and even more clearly by virtue of the doctrine of ne exeat, the right to determine that the child's place of residence would remain Venezuela rather than the United States.
Furthermore, proper treatment of the German court's order raises questions regarding the ne exeat, or nonremoval, clause and the military necessity exception included as conditions of the parties' custody order.
1) When either party is about to remove himself or herself or his or her property out of the state, or fraudulently convey or conceal it, the court may award a ne exeat or injunction against the party or the property and make such orders as will secure alimony or support to the party who should receive it.
Court of Appeals found that a violation of a ne exeat order did not amount to a violation of "rights of custody," which could trigger the right of a left-behind parent to have a child returned to his home country under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.
government can obtain a writ of ne exeat republica, which is a court order directing a person not to leave a particular jurisdiction in order to compel him to pay taxes [see U.
15) The Court focused closely on Second Circuit precedent in affirming the District Court's ruling that violating a ne exeat right is insufficient to qualify as a violation of custodial rights.