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n.1.See 2d Neif.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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You want to stand behind the bar with confidence and be able to tell people facts about the whiskey and not just the story on the back label, Neaf adds.
In another example, when Yolnu knowledge authorities are paid consultancy rates for participation in our projects, including the Teaching from Country program, the NEAF requires us to justify why these payments should not be understood as inducement.
'I am very pleased to welcome you all to Gulf Air for the on-the-job training,' said NEaf.
* Genotype abbreviations: NEAF = Northeast Africa; WEAF-B = West Africa-B; SOAS = South Asia; EAAF = East Africa.
And that's what I did after borrowing a set of the samples shown at NEAF for this review.
Every year I make an effort to scout all the vendor booths at NEAF in search of new and innovative astronomy gear that our readers will find useful.
During a pleasant weekend last April, several thousand astronomy enthusiasts made their annual pilgrimage to Rockland Community College in Suffern, New York, for the Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF).
Since distance is no longer a limit, contact speakers you've seen at NEAF, the Winter Star Party, or other gatherings and star parties.
Debuting at NEAF earlier this year, the SmartEQ packs many of the features found in its bigger brethren into a 6 1/4-pound German equatorial head.
Now entering its third decade, the Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF) easily lays claim to being the largest annual gathering of amateur astronomers in North America.
Another well-established astrophotography get-together is the Northeast Astro-Imaging Conference ( in Suffern, New York, which has preceded the Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF) in recent years.