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n.1.See 2d Neif.
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There are further understandings which are not covered at all by the NEAF, but which the AIATSIS Guidelines refer to as the 'Indigenous people's definitions', 'perspectives', 'protocols' and 'cultural values', which I address here.
com Lunt Engineering USA, a sister company of Lunt Solar Systems, made its debut at NEAF with a line of apo refractors with ED objectives ranging from 80 to 152 mm in aperture.
com/NEAF * Although we're focusing on the new equipment at this year's event, NEAF has much more to offer, including lectures, workshops, kids' events, and a program devoted to observing the Sun (pictured here).
Debuting at NEAF earlier this year, the SmartEQ packs many of the features found in its bigger brethren into a 6 1/4-pound German equatorial head.
Our Sky & Telescope colleagues also show up en masse for these events, since NEAF and NEAIC are great opportunities for all of us to interact firsthand with many readers.
Sky & Telescope, a long-time NEAF sponsor, always has a big turnout, and this year all of our editors were on hand.
Attendance was up from last year, and just like NEAF, PATS has become a well-oiled machine.
After meeting Tom Simstad at NEAF, I took the advice of Mr.