Neap tides

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the lowest tides of the lunar month, which occur in the second and fourth quarters of the moon; - opposed to spring tides.

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It is dependent on good weather, neap tides and flight permits.
Fishkills normally take place during neap tides, when the tide level is at its lowest and the water does not flow.
On this coast, tidal ranges vary from 1.00 m during neap tides to 4.65 m during spring tides, but mesotidal ranges (2.0-4.0 m) are more frequent (about 68.3% of tides) with an average range of about 2.47 m (2010 tide gauge at the Gijon Port), This region can be defined as "low mesotidal" during neap tides and "high mesotidal" during spring tides.
The available ocean data are both quantitative and qualitative pertaining to flood and ebb during spring and neap tides [11, 12, 14, 15].
Previous analyses of eddy flux data in coastal wetlands revealed that tidal inundation significantly suppressed ecosystem respiration in spring tides comparing to neap tides [18, 19].
This estuarial area has a semidiurnal tidal regime with an extreme amplitude tide, 9.5 m spring tide and 5.4 m neap tides (Piccolo & Perillo, 1997).
This week they are in Fort William, waiting for the neap tides – the quieter, low tides – before they negotiate the Sound of Jura, which can be treacherous to attempt in a dangerous spring tide.
I understand that those who have done the sums have proposed an array of turbines with a power capacity of 8,000MW, and that after allowing for the 4m range of twice-a-month neap tides, those machines would generate enough energy to give a load factor of 22%.
ALEXANDRIA: Casting their long rods, lines and bait into the Mediterranean, fisher folk are taking advantage of the season's neap tides. Gentle waves lap the rocks and the sea wall along the Corniche.