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All but three of the full corpus of documents found are datable to the seventh century and most of these to the post-canonical period after 649 through the earliest years of the Late Babylonian period at the end of the seventh century, as evidenced by four locally written tablets composed in Assyrian dated years 2 and 5 Nebuchadrezzar II.
In a prophecy some thirteen years later concerning Egypt in 573 BCE, Ezekiel commented upon the conclusion of Babylon's protracted, unsuccessful siege of Tyre by interjecting that King Nebuchadrezzar and his army have had no return for the labor he expended on Tyre (Ezek.
As Eliade specifies, Hebrew literature "gives the Gentile kings (Zadokite Fragments, IX: 19-20) the characteristics of the dragon: such is the Pompey described in the Psalms of Solomon (IX:29), the Nebuchadrezzar presented by Jeremiah (51:34).