Nebulous star

(Astron.) a small well-defined circular nebula, having a bright nucleus at its center like a star.

See also: Star

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What caught his attention on this evening was what he described as a "curious either Nebulous Star or perhaps a Comet.
Discovered by the Italian astronomer Giovanni Maraldi on 1746 Sept 7 while looking for de Cheseaux' comet (he also discovered M2 a few days later), he described it as 'A nebulous star, fairly bright and composed of many stars.
It was on a Tuesday, March 13, 1981, that a professional musician and amateur astronomer named William Herschel observed through his telescope what he described as "a curious either nebulous star or perhaps a comet.
While searching Eridanus for comets with his 4 1/2-inch Henry Fitz refractor in 1859, he encountered a "most conspicuous nebulous star visible from this latitude.
M11 was discovered in 1681 by Berlin astronomer Gottfried Kirch, who called it a nebulous star.
His journal record for his first sighting on Tuesday, March 13, 1781, documents his suspicion: "In the quartile near [Zeta] Tauri the lowest of the two is a curious either Nebulous Star or perhaps a Comet.
More than half a century later, British cleric and astronomer William Derham published his observations of nebulous stars, which he called "whitish Areae, like a Collection of Misty Vapours: whence they have their Name.