Neches River

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Nech·es River

A river of eastern Texas flowing about 670 km (415 mi) south and southeast to Sabine Lake.
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Meanwhile, officials in nearby Beaumont worked to repair its water treatment plant, which failed after the swollen Neches River inundated the main intake system and backup pumps halted.
At ExxonMobil's Beaumont oil refinery, oil flowed over a 10-foot levee and spilled onto a nearby county road, due to the rising Neches River, an ExxonMobil spokeswoman told the local newspaper, the Beaumont Enterprise.
Fears of flooding from the Neches River led to the evacuation of 1,000 people from Beaumont shelters to Dallas and San Antonio.
City manager Kyle Hayes said rising floodwaters on the Neches River were covering pumps that bring drinking water to Beaumont.
Orange County ordered remaining residents to evacuate from low-lying areas after a forecast that the Neches River would crest on Friday, threatening homes.
An even greater potential dilemma faced the city of Beaumont near the Louisiana border after the water system pumps failed after being swamped by spillover from the swollen Neches River. A statement from city officials said a secondary water source from nearby wells was also lost.
* $1.5 million from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund to the Angelina and Neches River Authority (Angelina County).
With existing operations in Orange County, Texas, Savage Inland Marine currently provides monitored barge fleeting, operates inland push boats and provides dock services on the Neches River.
The best performance (with regard to validation) is found at the Sabine and Neches River basins, while the worst is at the Nueces River Basin.
The crude at the Jefferson Transload Railport was transferred to a barge which sailed down the Neches River to an oil refinery.
(2000) observed similar predation on this and other unionids during dewatering in the Neches River drainage.