n.1.(Zool.) An adder.
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Corvin Kim P, to Nedder Andrew J & Pamela M, 64 Shoreline Dr, Florence; $295,000.
As a partner, your role is more about leading and helping others deliver on their expertise than being the expert yourself," said EJ Nedder, a partner at McGladrey.
You have to think about how you help that next person become partner," Nedder said.
They were: Ashley Francis, Erin Dunlavey, William Young, Tim Humphrey, Cathy Nedder, Adam Mack, Evan Tremblay and Courtney Mullen.
This award is a particularly great accomplishment," responded Joe Nedder, Availant's President and COO, "given that this evaluation is based on direct feedback from the students themselves.
The search for a new Boylston fire chief was down to two internal candidates: Deputy Chief Roger Wentzell and Captain Joseph Nedder Jr.
1, 1997--CLAM Associates, a leading provider of professional services and software products for business continuity, today announced the appointment of Joseph Nedder to Vice President of Business Reliability Services.
Nedder will be responsible for worldwide delivery of all CLAM service offerings and initiatives, which include system consulting, architectural planning, systems integration, education, consulting, application development, validation and technical support.
Nedder leaves his loving wife of 57 years, Helene G.
and Lily (Thomas) Nedder, and grew up in the Readville section of Hyde Park, Massachusetts.