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n, pl -dies
1. a child's word for a donkey
2. informal a silly person; fool
3. informal Austral a horse, esp a racehorse: he lost his money on the neddies.
[C18: from Ned, pet form of Edward]


(ˈnɛd i)

n., pl. -dies.
1. Brit. Informal. donkey.
2. Australian Slang. a horse.


 a considerable quantity—Slang Dictionary, 1874.
Examples: neddy of fish, 1874; of fruit, 1874.
References in classic literature ?
Neddy was for obeying the guide-book and taking the wine of the country; but the bride said:
When the bride finally recovered, she gave Neddy a love-box on the arm with her fan, and said with arch severity:
So with a mock groan which made her laugh again, Neddy ordered the champagne.
     Till Neddy was pretty well rested.
13 (450m): Farloe Cobra, Marlhill Pine, Sportsmans Jock (M), Our Neddy (M), Glasheen Faye (M), Poolie Ava (M).
Makolanders striker Neddy Atieno believes they have the capability of bettering their performance in the Football Kenya Federation women's Premier League this weekend.
26 (450m): Mynewbestfriend, Knockroe Fellow, Ragatank Lad, Fortune Rebel (M), Our Neddy (M), Jalpa (M) 19.
Limited Tenders are invited for Provn of stn items neddy student in south kashmir
When Damaris sold her first few pieces to a local business owner, she purchased additional working materials and partnered with two of her friends, Neddy Lusimbo and Justinah Kathambi to form Sky-Art Decor.
It also took in Cromwellian siege soldiers with psalms on their lips and Neddy Scrymgeour's "Vote as you Pray" prohibitionist march on Parliament in 1922.
Jerry Wagner recalled being a passenger in a Chrysler automobile driven by one of his friends, Neddy Gilardino, along with one of the base's military policemen, Corporal Davis, as Gilardino drove it down the military airfield's deserted runway one afternoon in late summer, trying to see if it could reach a speed of one hundred miles an hour.
As the Latin American director for the interfaith environmental coalition GreenFaith, Neddy Astudillo, DMin, MDiv, travels the world helping Latin American congregations become more environmentally sustainable.