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n, pl -dies
1. a child's word for a donkey
2. informal a silly person; fool
3. informal Austral a horse, esp a racehorse: he lost his money on the neddies.
[C18: from Ned, pet form of Edward]


(ˈnɛd i)

n., pl. -dies.
1. Brit. Informal. donkey.
2. Australian Slang. a horse.


 a considerable quantity—Slang Dictionary, 1874.
Examples: neddy of fish, 1874; of fruit, 1874.
References in classic literature ?
Next to me sat an English bride, and next to her sat her new husband, whom she called "Neddy," though he was big enough and stalwart enough to be entitled to his full name.
Neddy made a playful pretense of being distressed about the expense, and this amused her so much that she nearly exhausted herself with laughter--and this pleased HIM so much that he repeated his jest a couple of times, and added new and killing varieties to it.
So with a mock groan which made her laugh again, Neddy ordered the champagne.
You remember Tom Martin, Neddy?' said Roker, appealing to another man in the lodge, who was paring the mud off his shoes with a five-and- twenty-bladed pocket-knife.
7.09 (450m): Westforth Suzy, Allpoints Poppy, Pennys Chewie (M), Mill Dorit (M), Morgans Dinozzo (M), Our Neddy (M).
Among the public comments criticising neddy behaviour and underage drinking, young girls were derided for wearing nothing more than "bikinis" and "tiny shorts".
They include: Bombdie - bombed out house/derelict; Bung up - lift up; Dixie - keep watch; Neddy - Netherfield Road and Entry/ back jigger - alleyway.
People even turned up to feed the little black and white coloured neddy. Cleveland Police said it had been called out to reports of an untethered horse which was running on to the busy road.
Norwalk, CT, March 25, 2019 --( NedGJean Productions is proud to release the CD of this nationally known bassist, singer/songwriter, composer/producer and performer, poet and author, Neddy Smith.
DCI team manager Neddy Kilimo, said: 'We are not afraid to start all over again.
She is usually very bright, a good student who's in the top 10 of her year,' said Tracy Neddy, Nur Afika's class teacher in Sekolah Kebangsaan Atas in Singai, a village near Bau.
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