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n, pl -dies
1. a child's word for a donkey
2. informal a silly person; fool
3. informal Austral a horse, esp a racehorse: he lost his money on the neddies.
[C18: from Ned, pet form of Edward]


(ˈnɛd i)

n., pl. -dies.
1. Brit. Informal. donkey.
2. Australian Slang. a horse.


 a considerable quantity—Slang Dictionary, 1874.
Examples: neddy of fish, 1874; of fruit, 1874.
References in classic literature ?
Neddy was for obeying the guide-book and taking the wine of the country; but the bride said:
When the bride finally recovered, she gave Neddy a love-box on the arm with her fan, and said with arch severity:
So with a mock groan which made her laugh again, Neddy ordered the champagne.
     Till Neddy was pretty well rested.
The Christmas play was being performed by the older children of Lepton C of E while a play, Neddy The Donkey, was being staged by the younger pupils.
Ahead of their homecoming gig in the Academy tomorrow night, we caught up with rapper Neddy Arkins.
A stable block and tack room provide plenty of storage for anything you may need to keep Neddy and his pals happy, and there is more than enough room to extend the existing stable block, if desired, and with planning permission being granted previously, it shouldn't be a problem applying again.
The families really look forward to a hot meal, since they are already struggling with their living conditions,'' said Neddy Latimer, executive director of the Spanish American Center.
Il a battu Neddy Philoe (Seychelles) et l'Australien Katz Nathan.
The Trip to Echo Spring is Laing's personal odyssey, inspired by John Cheever's mythic short story "The Swimmer," in which Neddy Merrill decides to swim his way home, as if his neighbors' pools were a river cruise with stopovers where he could drink, when welcomed.
He was put into Long Bay jail at 16 years old with people like (underworld murderer) Neddy Smith.
Once aged seven I couldn't find my wooden rocking horse and on bonfire night there on top of our street bonfire was my horse, Neddy.