Needle bar

the reciprocating bar to which the needle of a sewing machine is attached.

See also: Needle

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I stuck my hand under the needle bar to grab the loose thread, and the needle came down through my middle finger, just along the edge of my nail.
They are also equipped with the dry system, which requires no oil to be supplied to the area of the needle bar and thread take-up and achieves very high productivity.
Combined with sliding needle bar and Myriad attachment, a big variety of tuft effects in cut pile and different loop pile heights are possible.
Tenders are invited for Sewing Machine Juki-Ddl-8100Eb, 1 Needle Lockstitch Machine Model- Ddl-8100Eb , Make-Juki Eco Or Similar Application- Light To Medium Weight, Max- Sewing Speed 4500Sti/Min , Max Stitch Length Percent U2013 5 Mm Needle Bar Stroke- 30.
The group will display SANTONI SEAMLESS machines, circular large diameter machines, circular knitted garment length MECMOR machines, WARP KNITTING double needle bar Raschel knitting machines, SANTONI automatic sewing machines for the hosiery industry, TECNOPEA boarding and packaging machines for the textile industry, LONATI socks and pantyhose circular machines, SANGIACOMO and MATEC socks circular knitting machines and DINEMA software for machines.
Tenders are invited for Industrial Sewing Machine 4000 Rpm Max Stitch Length 5 Mm, Needle Bar Stroke : 35Mm,Bed Size : 476Mm X 170Mm.
Tenders are invited for Heavy Duty Industrial Sewing Machine 4000Rpm Max Stich Length 5Mm Needle Bar Stroke 35Mm Bed Size 476Mmx170mm Make Jack Similar.
Needle bar and thread take-up lever does not need the oil lubrication system and there is minimum oil lubrication in rotating hook.
By enhancing the rigidity of the needle bar-area parts (patent pending) and having the feed mechanism and needle bar rotating mechanism servo-controlled, the operating time has been reduced, resulting in 13% reduction of the machine time compared with the conventional model.
State of the art grease lubrication technology has been employed for the needle bar mechanism.