Needle beam

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(Arch.) in shoring, the horizontal cross timber which goes through the wall or a pier, and upon which the weight of the wall rests, when a building is shored up to allow of alterations in the lower part.

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Its range of needle looms include all working widths up to 16 m, all needling modes including flat, curved and circular, needle beam stroke frequencies up to more than 3000 per minute, needle densities in excess of 20,000 needles/m/board working width which allow processing of any fiber type in staple lengths between ca.
Needle beam apparatus for verification of Maxwell reciprocal theorem (span=
Using technology developed by Huyck Austria, the Huyperpunch-D loom produces patented press clothing for the global pulp and paper industry, technology that uses diagonal-elliptical needle beam movement that travels with the felt during the needling process.
Hyperpunch uses plane elliptical needle beam kinematics to move the needle in the running direction of the material during penetration.