Needle loom

(Weaving) a loom in which the weft thread is carried through the shed by a long eye-pointed needle instead of by a shuttle.

See also: Needle

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For mechanical web forming Autefa Solutions offers the Needle Loom Stylus, which is available both with and without Variliptic drive.
Combined with the A50 needle loom series, this solution provides a clear competitive edge for end users.
Launching its first needle loom in 1977, Shoou Shyng has been playing a constructive role in the nonwoven fabric industry.
Type of needling equipment, batt characteristics, batt orientation, needle penetration, and number of passes through the needle loom determine finish, openness and other fabric characteristics.
Needlepunching is the process of converting batts or webs of loose fibers into a coherent nonwoven fabric on a needle loom.
Ruediger of Peterborough, NH has been named Vice President, Marketing and Sales for the Clark - Cutler - McDermott Company (CCMcD), a leading manufacturer of non-woven needle loom fiber products.
The Bangalore plant started production in December 2000 with a single Fehrer needleloom, model NL 6, which was quickly followed in 2002 by a second Fehrer needle loom, model NL 12.
The loom is the second of its type in the world and the only diagonal punch needle loom in North America.
As a, service machine for every needle loom the automatic needle exchanger is suited for every service workshop.
The mother company decided to open this new business for needle boards, stripper plates and bad plates for all needle loom brands.
Their latest development is the groundbreaking new needle loom technology Ellittica.