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(French neɛl)
(Biography) Louis (lwi). 1904–2000, French physicist, noted for his research on magnetism; shared the Nobel prize for physics in 1970



Louis Eugène Félix, 1904–2000, French physicist: Nobel prize 1970.
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Noun1.Neel - French physicist noted for research on magnetism (born in 1904)
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In the same year as the Childress portrait, Neel painted Mercedes Arroya (1950), the portrait of a Latina community activist from Spanish Harlem.
the country's second largest passenger car manufacturer and the number one exporter since inception inaugurated its new dealerships and workshop, Neel Hyundai, to further strengthen and enhance its sales and service network in Pune.
com)-- Neel Networks, one of the leading website development and designing services in Mumbai, India announces heavy discount on tailor made websites to commemorate the festive season.
Toddlers with permissive parents had more than double the risk of internalizing behaviors and triple the risk of externalizing behaviors compared to peers whose parents used an authoritative or authoritarian parenting style, reported Mary Lauren Neel, MD, a fellow in pediatrics at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn.
Donald Neel, president and CEO of the Evansville-based United Fidelity Bank, which is looking to purchase the bank, said that the sale could lead to expansion of services such as mobile and Internet banking.
Neel sets out and defends five assumptions: Plato's statements about writing and rhetoric have been taken seriously for too long, and it is time for someone to point out how deceitful they are.
THE Jungle Book star Neel Sethi has revealed he wants to be a dentist when he grows up.
Only 10 years old when he was chosen by director Jon Favreau to star as Mowgli in The Jungle Book, Neel Sethi is the only human in the movie.
A longtime aide to Al Gore, Neel headed the vice president's transition team following the 2000 election, which must have been something like being the captain of a ship that boldly sails into the Bermuda Triangle.
Director Andrew Neel can't quite decide whether to indict or endorse the hard-partying behavior on display, and the resulting film falls far short of surprising those who already know a thing or two about frats.
Mowgli, played by Neel Sethi, is let loose in a scary world populated by CGI-heavy beasts such as the Bill Murray-voiced Baloo the bear, Ben Kingsley's Bagheera the panther, Idris Elba's villainous tiger Shere Khan and Christopher Walken's King Louie the orangutan.