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 (nĕf′ər-tē′tē) 14th century bc.
Queen of Egypt as the wife of Akhenaten. A famous sculpture of her head and shoulders was discovered in 1912.


(ˌnɛfəˈtiːtɪ) or


(Biography) 14th century bc, Egyptian queen; wife of Akhenaton


(ˌnɛf ərˈti ti)

also Nef•re•te•te

(ˌnɛf rɪ-)

fl. early 14th century b.c., Egyptian queen: wife of Akhenaton.
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Noun1.Nefertiti - queen of Egypt and wife of Akhenaton (14th century BC)Nefertiti - queen of Egypt and wife of Akhenaton (14th century BC)
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The bust of Queen Nefertiti on display in the Neues Museum in Berlin.
Reeves claimed that this concealed chamber might contain the tomb of Queen Nefertiti, the wife of King Akhenaton who was Tutankhamen's father.
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A secret chamber inside the world's most famous tomb could reveal the remains of Egypt's famed Queen Nefertiti.
The first volume introduces the site and discusses the relief and architecture and the hieroglyphic inscriptions, funerary implications, and Nefertiti.
The other thing they look for is the 'Nefertiti jaw' where you shape the jaw like Nefertiti," an Ancient Egyptian Queen with a slender face and renowned for her beauty.
The iconic bust of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti is amongst the valuable objects showcased at the museum.
Nefertiti successfully survived the dark and cold conditions of space travel, plus she was able to re-learn to hunt and catch her food after returning to earth.
The resting place of Queen Nefertiti, one of the great mysteries of Egyptology, could be in one of Tutankhamun's secret chambers.
ARCHAEOLOGISTS have completed extensive scans of two recently discovered chambers behind King Tutankhamun's tomb in Egypt's Valley of the Kings as part of a quest which could uncover the remains of Queen Nefertiti.
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