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KHARTOUM, Jan 7 (KUNA) -- Sudan on Sunday called on the United States to review its negative declaration that Khartoum is among capitals that witness religious violations.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called on its American counterpart to reconsider its negative declaration and to be honest in dealing with Sudan which is hosting millions of refugees who are performing their religious rites in full freedom and without asking any one of them about his religion.
Jones, director of environmental planning for San Francisco, said in the preliminary negative declaration that the proposed project would follow the end of transporting the city's solid waste to the Altamont Landfill in Alameda County.
However, that negative declaration triggered Yeddyurappa's loyalists to take a collective decision of quitting.
By employing this strategy and hiring a qualified team of consultants, Life Time Fitness and its representatives began discussions with the Town of Harrison in January 2011, officially filed its application for a zoning amendment and special exception use permit in May and received all of its approvals by the end of November 2011, including the approval of the zoning amendment, site plan approval, wetlands and steep slope permits and a Negative Declaration under SEQRA by the Town of Harrison finding no adverse environmental impacts from the project.
Based on the analysis contained in the EAS, (42) which was issued on April 17, 2009, DCP determined that the Rezoning did not have the potential to result in significant adverse impacts on the environment and, therefore issued a negative declaration, because preparation of a more in-depth Environmental Impact Statement ("EIS") was not necessary.
This past July, the DEC issued a "negative declaration" saying the state agency "has determined" that the LaFarge project "will not have a significant effect on the environment and that a Draft Environmental Impact Statement will not be prepared."
The rumour that the Commission has made a negative declaration and that, therefore, pilgrimages to Medjugorje are either not advised or forbidden, is erroneous.
If the owner is unable to submit a negative declaration, the transferee or any other party to the transaction must certify that the property will be cleaned up to protect human health or the environment pursuant to an order, stipulated judgment or consent agreement approved by the state.
New Jersey's Environmental Cleanup Liability Act (ECLA) requires industrial-establishment owners or operators planning to sell or transfer operations to notify state environmental authorities and provide either a negative declaration there are no hazardous substances or wastes on site or a cleanup plan to address any site contamination.