Negative pregnant

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(Law) a negation which implies an affirmation.

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The restriction in question amounts to what lawyers call a NEGATIVE PREGNANT that is, a NEGATION of one thing, and an AFFIRMANCE of another; a negation of the authority of the States to impose taxes on imports and exports, and an affirmance of their authority to impose them on all other articles.
Of these, 50 percent were HIV positive pregnant women (n=100) who attended regular antenatal check-ups or admitted through labour ward in Gandhi Hospital were enrolled in the study and 50 percent were HIV negative pregnant women (n=100) were selected as controls in the present study.
Acquisition and Provision of positive and negative pregnant certifiable Cofrac for the services of the medical biology laboratory,On the positive and negative speaker for the care and pharmacy services, with corrective and preventive maintenance services for the positive and negative speaker, and award of positive and negative pregnant catalog.
Efforts to improve detection rates have led to recent recommendation of repeat testing in late pregnancy or during labour for previously HIV negative pregnant women and testing of women in labour with unknown HIV status (11,12).
Methods: In order to evaluate the efficiency of THP protocol, DNA of Rhesus D (RhD) negative pregnant women's plasma was collected, then real-time PCR for RHD exon 7 was performed.
In the same year, a study performed in the Netherlands used a noninvasive PCR test to screen the plasma of 2,415 Rh negative pregnant patients, with gestational age of 28 to 30 weeks.
A trained lady health visitors disseminated the information to the families about potential harms of being Rh negative pregnant mother and their newborn.
A comparison of rates of hospitalisation for selected morbidities among HW positive and negative pregnant women in the USA used data from the 1994-2003 Nationwide Inpatient Sample, descriptive statistics and multivariate logistic regression to examine socio-demographic characteristics, morbidity outcomes and time trends.
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