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n, pl -los or -loes
(Peoples) a member of a dwarfish Negroid race of central and southern Africa
[C19: from Spanish, diminutive of negro black]


(nɪˈgrɪl oʊ)

n., pl. -los, (esp. collectively) -lo.
a member of any of various small-statured peoples of Africa, as a Pygmy.
[1850–55; < Sp negrillo, diminutive of negro black]
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Barcelona exchange teacher Carmen Negrillo with seven-year-old Lightwoods Primary School pupils Aneesha Hujan and Jamie Petley, and the Spanish national flag.
27) Negrillo has suggested that these ideas are characteristically Hebraic (ibid.
Dentro de este subgenero de villancicos, los villancicos de negro guineos, negritos o negrillos fueron el subtipo mas numeroso (Swiadon, "Los villancicos" 287).