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n, pl -los or -loes
(Peoples) a member of a dwarfish Negroid race of central and southern Africa
[C19: from Spanish, diminutive of negro black]
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(nɪˈgrɪl oʊ)

n., pl. -los, (esp. collectively) -lo.
a member of any of various small-statured peoples of Africa, as a Pygmy.
[1850–55; < Sp negrillo, diminutive of negro black]
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In the tenth chapter, "The Bushmen, Hottentots and Negrillos Culture," additional ethnographic details about these groups are presented.
Dentro de este subgenero de villancicos, los villancicos de negro guineos, negritos o negrillos fueron el subtipo mas numeroso (Swiadon, "Los villancicos" 287).
These chloride ores were called pacos in Peru and colorados in Mexico, while the black sulfide ore below (acanthite) was everywhere called negrillos. Before the advent of the patio process, these ores were simply roasted out of the veins, then reduced in crude furnaces: one observer wrote that "the Peruvians get the silver by burning the hill, and, as the sulfur stone burns, the silver falls in lumps" (Rickard, 1932).