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n. pl. Ne·gri·tos or Ne·gri·toes Anthropology
A member of any of various peoples of short stature inhabiting parts of Malaysia, the Philippines, and southeast Asia.

[Spanish, diminutive of negro, black person; see Negro.]
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Dentro de este subgenero de villancicos, los villancicos de negro guineos, negritos o negrillos fueron el subtipo mas numeroso (Swiadon, "Los villancicos" 287).
Jacinta, Maria, and Rita kept and attended complex home altars, peopled by statues of Jesus, Mary, Catholic saints, syncretic saints (such as San Lazaro, who represents the Orisha Babalu Aye), Orisha images (such as a rooster representing Chango), Negritas, Negritos, and Indios, freshened with offerings of food, fruit, water, wine, rum, and flowers.
Indeed at one point, after stating his conviction of the transAtlantic voyage of the Africans, Prof Wuthenau was advised by his colleague, Dr Erwin Palm, thus: "Wuthenau, never say Negro, always say Negroid because then it would mean that the black specimens in pre-Columbian art are derived from Melanesian Negritos and not from African Negroes.
Orang Asli in Peninsular Malaysia refers to three main ethnic, that is, the Negritos, the Senoi and the Proto-Malays.
They had parties and--as anthropologist Gloria Triana describes in her book La cantadora trashumante--the neighbors were furious, shouting at the negritos to keep it down.
The first people in the Philippines, the Negritos, are believed to have come to the islands 30,000 years ago from Borneo and Sumatra, making their way across then-existing land bridges.
It is part of the traditional rainforest home of the Semang, often referred to as Negritos in early literature (Skeat & Blagden 1906; Schebesta 1928; Evans 1937).
Ja a modalizacao autonimica tem por caracteristica um desdobramento do comentario em si, caracterizado por aspas e negritos, dizeres implicitos e por dizeres explicitos do tipo 'voce sabe o que eu quero dizer'.
The possible interrelations between the Negrillis of Africa and the Negritos of the Philippines, the Semangs of the Malay Peninsula, and the Tapiros of New Guinea is of great interest.
We collected additional data on Tortugas and Negritos islands, ~2 and 5 km, respectively, from Curu in the Nicoya Gulf.
Kilton Stewart wrote in "Pygmies and Dream Giants" that Philippine Negritos would ask for a dream message from the image of a deceased parent, to end a period of mourning.
In October 1923, the drilling community established by the International Petroleum Company at Negritos, Peru, reportedly contained 8, 146 Peruvians and 192 "foreigners.