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n. pl. Ne·gri·tos or Ne·gri·toes Anthropology
A member of any of various peoples of short stature inhabiting parts of Malaysia, the Philippines, and southeast Asia.

[Spanish, diminutive of negro, black person; see Negro.]
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It was fascinating to hear these women leaders, seated in a semi-circle in front of us, declare that gender bias is not a problem among Negritos. There were six communities represented that morning.
The Ati Negritos, the original inhabitants of the island, are primary victims of the habitat destruction and pollution in this location and it has become increasingly difficult for them to make a decent living the traditional way.
Nearly all of these are Negritos, and they are scattered in discontinuous pockets throughout the islands, as follows:
(21) This suggests a traditional occupation zone from north-western Malaysia across the border into Satun and thence to Phattalung-Trang, connecting these groups to the now-extinct 'Negritos' in Perlis.