Negro race

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Noun1.Negro race - a dark-skinned raceNegro race - a dark-skinned race      
race - people who are believed to belong to the same genetic stock; "some biologists doubt that there are important genetic differences between races of human beings"
Black person, blackamoor, Negro, Negroid, Black - a person with dark skin who comes from Africa (or whose ancestors came from Africa)
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It is a happy characteristic of the Negro race, which they hold in common with little children, that their spirits seldom remain depressed for a considerable length of time after the immediate cause of depression is removed, and so it was that in half an hour Usanga's band was again beginning to take on to some extent its former appearance of carefree lightheartedness.
In that far-off mystic land of gold, and gems, and spices, and waving palms, and wondrous flowers, and miraculous fertility, will awake new forms of art, new styles of splendor; and the negro race, no longer despised and trodden down, will, perhaps, show forth some of the latest and most magnificent revelations of human life.
That would give these negro races a superior idea of European power.
During his Presidency, he signed an Executive Decision compelling all American movie studios to institute racial quotas for negro race in all American movies.
In "Mohammedanism and the Negro Race," Blyden had already noted that "Christianity .
1912 edition to the Knopf 1927 printing and the New American Library 1948 version, Goldsby traces ECM's transformations from pseudo-autobiography to New Negro race novel to sensationalist pulp fiction.
Declaration 39 reads, "That the colors, Red, Black and Green, be the colors of the Negro race.
Others, most notably white capitalist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, declared Washington the original item, crowning him the Moses of the Negro race, the last occupant of that crowded throne in Claiming Exodus.
Bethune ultimately became a revered educator, activist, humanitarian, and leader who was known in her day as "the first lady of the Negro race.
In Chapter 1 character Sylvia Landry in Micheaux's Within Our Gates becomes relegated to something like "race wifehood" in her marriage to the New Negro race man as hero (p.
Although Williams is more well-known for his History of the Negro Race in America, this work is remarkable for its inclusion of Williams's own experience serving in the US Colored Troops, as well as first-hand accounts by officers who commanded Negro troops.
Frederick Douglass "mark[ed] a great epoch in the history of the Negro Race," one proud investor wrote a poem in honor of the ship, "Manned by Afric's sons, no more in bond" (p.