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1. Fear of or contempt for black people and their culture.
2. Behavior based on such an attitude or feeling.

Ne′gro·phobe′ n.
Ne′gro·pho′bic adj.


a person who dislikes or fears Negroes
ˌNegroˈphobia n
ˌNegroˈphobic adj


(ˈni grəˌfoʊb)

n. (sometimes l.c.)
a person who strongly fears or dislikes black people.
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In 1970, Nixon's political strategist Kevin Phillips told The New York Times,"The more Negroes who register as Democrats in the South, the sooner the Negrophobe whites will quit the Democrats and become Republicans.
was a Negrophobe, an apologist to genocide, an election thief, and a killer of people who wrote better than himself .
In "The Psychopathology of the Negro," he applies the spurs, using Wolfe's analysis of whites' masochistic pleasure in the Brer Rabbit stories as the foundation of his argument that the white negrophobe is really motivated by homosexual desire.
Negrophile or negrophobe, politically conservative or liberal, glaringly obvious or requiring rare insight: Bug-Jargal provokes sharply polarized readings because the work is fundamentally at odds with itself.
The other is the biography of Pedro Miguel, who is fathered by a runaway slave and conceived by the Alcorta's negrophobe daughter Julia on the very night of that slave's escape.
The shift of dramatic emphasis from Lena, Byron, and Hightower to Joe Christmas reveals Faulkner's recognition of the Negrophobe myth at the heart of the (white) Southern consciousness" (498).
He sounded a more dire note in proposing to Benjamin Wood, the New York editor, Peace Democrat, and Negrophobe, how the "Africanization of the Union" by congressional Radicals could be stopped with a united front of white supremacists.
He saw huge opportunities in the "youthful middle-class" of Texas, Florida, and other rapidly growing and changing Sun Belt states, where what he called "acutely Negrophobe politics" was weakest, not strongest.
Cette elite frequente un monde ferme et exclusif, celui de l'intelligentsia francaise, trop preoccupee de cosmopolitisme pour etre negrophobe et voulant contraster le racisme americain au liberalisme a la francaise.
L'homme blanc negrophobe se convainc, d'ailleurs, que la noirceur du negre exhibe ce qu'il y a de bestial en sa personne.
and Go Down, Moses, Faulkner struggles with the Negrophobe narrative as he self-consciously revises the Dixonian romance of the Negro Rapist and the White Avenger.
Moreover, as the preface confirms, for Lamartine, the Negrophile, like the Negrophobe, is indeed presumptively male.