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1. Fear of or contempt for black people and their culture.
2. Behavior based on such an attitude or feeling.

Ne′gro·phobe′ n.
Ne′gro·pho′bic adj.
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He was talking about the best way to confront the persistent violence of the Ku Klux Klan, a white supremacist, negrophobic group that used terrorist tactics (including lynching and other kinds of extra-judicial murders) to intimidate and overawe American blacks.
But the situation gets complicated here because she cannot help her Negrophobic orientation, and does not just know what to do with Olive.
(46) In 1775, the constitution of the newly organized State of Vermont abolished slavery by a declaration that no person "ought to be holden by law to serve any person as a servant, slave, or apprentice after he arrives at the age of twenty-one years." (47) Other Northern states followed gradually, notwithstanding the widespread Negrophobic belief that blacks were not sufficiently civilized or ready for the civil rights that emancipation and legal equality would bestow on them.
The characters subvert dominant systems of prejudice as they embrace racial and cultural admixture in intimate relations, thereby deviating from the negrophobic and anti-Indian rhetoric that ran rampant at a time when conventional understandings of Hispanic heritage assumed whiteness and European ancestry to be sine qua non.
After toying with Joseph Stalin, the past master of necropolitics who eventually succeeded Lenin, Howe turned to Benito Mussolini, the negrophobic Italian fascist dictator.
To Griggs's intense disappointment, his efforts had no appreciable effect on the Negrophobic program of Southern writers in general and Dixon in particular.
I like telling this anecdote: me the unwilling object, my Black (1) self attracting negrophobic and/or negrophilic stares; the Germanophobic hotel clerk, sick of the hordes of deep-pocketed Teutonic visitors crowding Mediterranean resorts, who believes he is watching yet another German head toward his desk with her luggage; and the German tourists themselves, for whom a Black body in their presence is an inexplicable wonder.
But in order to understand this constitution of the body proper as an object of negrophobia, we must theorize negrophobic horror as a racialized and racializing affect that shapes Fanon's experience of his own body only insofar as it first takes shape as a unique interkinesthetic medium and force, accumulating intercorporeally, between people and across colonial and post-colonial history.
As the narrative holds, Dominicans are, always have been (and perhaps always will be) self-hating, negrophobic, and anti-Haitian.
My fateful generalization was that "there is no denying that the Babylonian Talmud was the first source to read Negrophobic content" into the Bible story of the disrespectful behavior of Noah's son, Ham, and the resulting curse (Genesis 9:18).
The record shows resoundingly that it was a deadly white supremacist, slave-mongering, negrophobic, violently motivated, anti-freedom, armed treason against the United States of America.
In a compelling sense, Sunraider is emblematic of American culture: obsessively Negrophobic, yet full of the high-octane energy and "gifts of improvisatory flight"--characterizing, in Ellison's mind, American Democracy--which were culled, in crowning irony, from the Negro.