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Noun1.Niels Henrik Abel - Norwegian mathematician (1802-1829)
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It was Steelers bench coach Neil Abel who said of Voth: "He looks out of shape - he won't have the same impact as in the past!" "Neil Abel was never an impact player and I'm not sure he has the knowledge to make comments about impact players," added Adams (pictured right).
With only nine seconds on the clock, Bombers went short-handed as Blackburn player/coach Neil Abel pulled his goalie to gain a six-on-four advantage.
WILSON'S ALL-STARS: Scott Neil, Paul Thompson, Tim Cranston, Neil Abel, Les Millie, Tony Hand, Stevie Lyle, Chris Kelland, David Clarke, Pasi Raitanen, Andrew Verner, Ed Courtenay, Chris McAllister, Rob Rankin, Derek Campbell, Andre Payette, Mark Gouett, Jeff Hutchins, Likit Andersson NORTH EAST ALL STARS: Shaun Johnson, Jonathan Weaver, Andre Malo, Mike O'Connor, David Longstaff, Simon Leach, Karl Culley, Martin King, Spencer Downey, Paul Sample, Pavel Gomenyuk, Jez Lundin, Ben Campbell, Dean Holland, Richie Lawson.
THE Warriors cruised to victory last night against a Blackburn side which, although fighting relegation, has shown improved form since the appointment of experienced Neil Abel as coach in November, writes DAVID HALL.
Other Scots honoured are Fife-born Neil Abel, who is coach of the year in the English Premier League for his work with Sheffield Scimitars.
They also have Stephen and Anthony Johnson - brothers of Coventry's Shaun - and the defence is in the capable hands of Aaron Cain and Neil Abel.
In front of his home supporters he fired in three goals and survived a bad slashing by Neil Abel which led to the towering Kings' D-man being sent off.