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Noun1.Neil Simon - United States playwright noted for light comedies (born in 1927)
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FOSSE/VERDON (BBC2, 9pm) As the high summer of 1973 ebbs away, Bob and girlfriend Ann Reinking hire a weekend house in the country to help comfort the recently bereaved Neil Simon. Also invited are Gwen and her boyfriend Ron.
QUESTION 5 Jack --, comic actor who co-starred in the 1968 movie of Neil Simon's play The Odd Couple.
Kanye West, left, and Kim Kardashian West attend "The Cher Show" Broadway musical opening night at the Neil Simon Theatre on Monday, Dec.
NEIL SIMON WAS A GIANT of the 20th century American theatre, a meticulous craftsman who fashioned his own style of comedy, building on the work of his idols, George S.
Summary: Washington D.C [USA], Aug 27 (ANI): American playwright and author Neil Simon died at the age of 91 due to complications from pneumonia at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan.
NEW YORK -- Playwright Neil Simon, a master of comedy whose laugh-filled hits such as "The Odd Couple," "Barefoot in the Park" and his "Brighton Beach" trilogy dominated Broadway for decades, has died.
NEIL Simon, who wrote comedic hits such as The Odd Couple and Plaza Suite, has died aged 91.
TheGreek comedy play to cool us down during the summer months, according to the tagline, will be The Odd Couple by Neil Simon starring Giannis Zouganelis and Vladimiros Kyriakides.
Directed by Rosalind Ayres and recorded as a live in performance at UCLA's James Bridges Theater in January 2018, this unique audio adaptation of Neil Simon's screenplay "The Goodbye Girl" is the story of Paula McFadden, a down-on-her-luck actress who is forced to take in a new roommate--the eccentric, noisy, and generally unpleasant Eliot Garfield who also happens to be an actor.
The crowd lapped up Neil Simon's hilarious play set in a New York apartment and featuring divorced sportswriter - and slob - Oscar Madison plus justseparated Felix Ungar who has a cleaning disorder.
On March 1, 1968, about 250 students led by drama kids upset that the principal canceled an upcoming performance of Neil Simon's Barefoot in the Park tried to walk out of Wilson High School in Los Angeles.
The National Theatre production will open at the Neil Simon Theatre in New York for an 18-week run from February 23.