Nelumbo nucifera

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Noun1.Nelumbo nucifera - native to eastern AsiaNelumbo nucifera - native to eastern Asia; widely cultivated for its large pink or white flowers
water lily - an aquatic plant of the family Nymphaeaceae
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The small percentage of pollen from: Bombax ceiba, Euphorbia tithymaloides, Flacourtia jangomas, Litchi chinensis, Nelumbo nucifera, Tridax procumbens indicate that these plants are either sporadic in distribution, fairly rare in abundance, do not produce sufficient amount of pollen for bee foraging, or produce pollen that is not preferred by honeybees due to low nutritional value (Dorea, Novais & Santos, 2010).
Lotus Swamp: Lotus Swamp was a shallower water pond dominated Nelumbo nucifera, N.
Nutritional quality evaluation of electron beam irradiated (Nelumbo nucifera) seeds.
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Astragalin, a natural flavonoid, has been isolated from various traditional medicinal plants such as Cassia alata, Moringa oleifera, Nelumbo nucifera, Cuscuta spp., Radix astragali, Morus alba, and Eucommia ulmoides.
(28.) Ono Y, Hattori E, Fukaya Y, Imai S, Ohizumi Y (2006) Anti-obesity effect of Nelumbo nucifera leaves extract in mice and rats.
These data are consistent with previous observations that plant extracts (including those from Willow bark, Ginkgo biloba, Nelumbo nucifera leaves, Piperaceae leaves, and Grape pomace) increase cellular antioxidant gene expression by increasing the levels of nuclear Nrf2 [30,42,47-49].