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Noun1.Nematoda - unsegmented worms: roundwormsNematoda - unsegmented worms: roundworms; threadworms; eelworms
animal kingdom, Animalia, kingdom Animalia - taxonomic kingdom comprising all living or extinct animals
helminth, parasitic worm - worm that is parasitic on the intestines of vertebrates especially roundworms and tapeworms and flukes
Aphasmidia, class Aphasmidia - one of two subgroups of Nematoda used in some classification systems
class Phasmidia, Phasmidia - one of two subgroups of Nematoda used in some classification systems
nematode, nematode worm, roundworm - unsegmented worms with elongated rounded body pointed at both ends; mostly free-living but some are parasitic
Ascaridae, family Ascaridae - large roundworms parasitic in intestines of vertebrates
Cephalobidae, family Cephalobidae - a family of Nematoda
family Tylenchidae, Tylenchidae - a family of Nematoda
family Filariidae, Filariidae - threadlike roundworms
Dracunculidae, family Dracunculidae - greatly elongated roundworm
phylum - (biology) the major taxonomic group of animals and plants; contains classes
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n. L. Nematoda, clase de gusanos del orden de los Nemathelmintes.
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Twenty species of benthic meiofaunas namely harpacticoid copepoda, ostracoda, gastropoda, crustacean nauplii, nematoda, bivalvia, polychaeta and insecta were found in the present investigated ponds (Table 2).
Thirteen helminth species were found; one species of Cestoda (Distoichometra bufonis); six species of Digenea (Deropegus aspina, Glypthelmins quieta, Gorgoderina multilobata, Haematoloechus kernensis, Megalodiscus microphagus, an unidentified species represented by Echinostome metacercariae); four species of Nematoda (Cosmocercoides variabilis, Rhabdias ranae, Hedruris sp., a unidentified species belonging to the Physalopteridae [third stage larvae only]; and two unidentified species of Acanthocephala (Centrorhynchid and Oligacanthorhynchid cystacanths).
Inferred Phylogeny Relative (%) 1 Nematoda, Chromadorea, 99 Monhysterida 2 Athropoda, Maxillipoda, 99 Sessilia 3 Prbotista, stramenopiles, 97 Labyrinthulomycetes 4 Protista, stramenopiles, 98 Thraustochytriaceae 5 Arthropoda, Maxillipoda, 95 Siphonostomatoida 6 Fungi, Ascomycota, 100 Sordariomycetes 7 Rhizaria, Cercozoa, 95 Cercomonadida 8 Bryozoa, Cheilostomatida, 100 Calloporidae 9 Nematoda, Enoplea, Enoplida 92 10 Protista, stramenopiles, 94 Oomycetes, Lagenidiales 11 Nematoda, Chromadorea, 90 Desmodorida 12 Protista, Stramenopiles, 100 Chrysophyceae Gel not Arthropoda, Maxillopoda, shown Sessilia TABLE 3.
Pratylenchus (nematoda: pratylenchidae); diagnosis, biology, pathogenicity and management.
Eumeiobenthos was represented by Ostracoda, Harpacticoida, Hydra sp., and Nematoda without the large Mermithidae.
Finally, studies of the temporal and geographic distributions of larval sealworm (Pseudoterranova decipiens) (Nematoda) in Atlantic Canadian groundfish have revealed significant disparities in prevalence and abundance of sealworm in neighboring plaice stocks (McClelland et al., 2000; McClelland and Martell, 2001b).
Falcaustra species (Nematoda: Kathlaniidae) parasitic in turtles and frogs in Ontario.
Seis especies fueron compartidas por las cuatro localidades: Brachionus dimidiatus Bryce 1931 (Rotifera), Rhabdolaimus terrestris de Mann 1880 (Nematoda), Echiniscus sp.