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A valley of the northern Peloponnesus in southern Greece. According to legend, Hercules slew a monstrous lion here as the first of his 12 labors.

Ne′me·an adj. & n.
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(Placename) of or relating to the valley of Nemea in ancient Greece or its inhabitants
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After the contest at Chalcis, Hesiod went to Delphi and there was warned that the `issue of death should overtake him in the fair grove of Nemean Zeus.' Avoiding therefore Nemea on the Isthmus of Corinth, to which he supposed the oracle to refer, Hesiod retired to Oenoe in Locris where he was entertained by Amphiphanes and Ganyetor, sons of a certain Phegeus.
No true boy feels that; he would rather go and slay the Nemean lion, or perform any round of heroic labors, than endure perpetual appeals to his pity, for evils over which he can make no conquest.
A California Corporation, Raisin Champion International, Geobres Nemean Currants and Sultana Raisins S.A., Fresno Cooperative Raisin Growers Inc., Chengde Shenli Food Co., Ltd., Ningxia Yuxiang Bio Food Engineering Co., Ltd., and others.
Ancient Nemea is a 45-minute drive away, linked to the Nemean lion, which he killed.
Another weight shows Herakles performing the first of his 12 labours: slaying the monstrous Nemean Lion.
Boldly struck in high relief at the Babylon mint during the lifetime of Alexander the Great, this silver tetradrachm bears an image of Heracles wearing the skin of the Nemean lion, its jaws around the hero's ear and its paws tied around his neck.
There are some in-form horses in opposition, most notably Cahill and course-anddistance winner Nemean Lion.
The Nemean Lion, for instance, is in mosaic, surrounded with red and black Greek vases painted with scenes from the legend, while the Goorialla features the traditional spots and stripes of Aboriginal painting with Australian flora and fauna decorating the pages.
Six years ago, the Kingdom of Nemean fought a losing war against an invading empire.
WEDNESDAY Hercules (2014) (ITV2, 9pm) Hercules (Dwayne Johnson) has completed his 12 labours, which included slaying a hydra and defeating the mighty Nemean Lion.
Traditionally the capture of the boar is Heracles' fourth labor for Eurystheus, after the killing of the Nemean lion and the Lernaean hydra and after the capture of the Ceryneian hind of Artemis.