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 (nĕm′ən, nyĕ′mən) also Nie·men (nē′mən, nyĕ′-)
A river of northeast Europe flowing about 935 km (580 mi) generally northwest from Belarus to the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad.


(Russian ˈnjɛmən) or


(Placename) a river in NE Europe, rising in Belarus and flowing northwest through Lithuania to the Baltic. Length: 937 km (582 miles). Polish name: Niemen


(ˈnɛm ən, ˈnyɛm-, ˈni mən)

a river rising in central Belorussia, flowing W through Lithuania into the Baltic. 582 mi. (937 km) long. Lithuanian, Nemunas.
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Such artefacts could not get to Lithuania in large quantities as the outcrops of good quality flint can be found much closer in the upper reaches of Nemunas (Fig.
Kaunas and its geographical situation, at the confluence of two rivers, Nemunas and the Neris, was an ideal location to expand trade.
In 1951, 114 muskrats from Arkhangelsk were released into a tributary of the Nemunas River near the Curonian Lagoon (Slavsk District, Kaliningrad Region, Russia) (Lavrov, 1957) (Fig.
Project Nemunas river ecological status improvement, sewage collection and treatment infrastructure Skirsnemune mstl.
A model of brackish groundwater formation in the Nemunas River valley, Geologija 60: 63-75.
Nemunas Abukauskas ir Egidijus Skrodenis (abu is VGTU), isanalizave tokios padeties socialines, inzinerines ir kulturines priezastis bei remdamiesi atliktu tyrimu, siulo kompleksa sprendimu, kaip padeti is esmes pagerinti: tobulinti inzineriniu objektu planavima bei taikyti lokalias priemones, drausminti, kontroliuoti bei sviesti eismo dalyvius, taip pat ir pacius pesciuosius.
The new arena, on the island in the River Nemunas, which crosses Kaunas, will be completed by this October.
Sakiu pavieto vietovardziu skirtinguose zemelapiuose palyginimas (nuo Nemuno iki 55 lygiagretes) Comparison of the names localities in different maps of Sakiu pavietas (from the river Nemunas to the 55 parallel) "Suvakijos Topografinis zemelapis" zemelapis M Eil.
Services include project-Panemune Sovetsko bypass the construction of a bridge across the Nemunas "construction work carried out in 2013-2014, maintenance, and the related laboratory tests and tests and assigned FIDIC Engineer.