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A rare wild goose (Branta sandvicensis) of the Hawaiian Islands, having a grayish-brown body with a black face. Also called Hawaiian goose.

[Hawaiian nēnē, imitative of its cry.]


(Animals) a rare black-and-grey short-winged Hawaiian goose, Branta sandvicensis, having partly webbed feet
[from Hawaiian]


(ˈneɪ neɪ)

n., pl. -ne.
a barred, gray-brown wild goose, Nesochen sandvicensis, native to Hawaii.
[1900–05; < Hawaiian nēnēAustronesian]
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A major re-introduction programme launched by Sir Peter Scott brought two of the only remaining nenes in the world to Britain from Hawaii.
The Hawaiian goose - or nene - is known for being one of the birds that will take bird food from the hand at the centre near Llanelli and is a popular attraction for children and adults.
Their arrival comes after the hatching of 12 endangered Hawaiian geese - or nenes - at Waterfowl Nursery.
Clouds play a critical role in climate, notes Athanasios Nenes, a professor in Georgia Tech's School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.
Sometimes known as Lava Geese, nenes are the only waterfowl adapted for life on lava flows and have mostly lost the webbing between their toes.
The International Culinary Schools team included: Master Chef Walter Leible, Assistant Director of the Culinary Arts Program, The Art Institute of Phoenix, who served as the team's captain and coach; also coaching the team Chef Bill Sy, Academic Director of Culinary Arts, The Art Institute of Tucson; Chef Larry Matson, Culinary Director, The Art Institute of Dallas; Chef Michael Nenes, Assistant Vice President of Culinary Arts, The International Culinary Schools at The Art Institutes, Chef Eric Watson and Chef Manuel Catemaxca, both Chef Instructors, The Art Institute of Houston; Chef Robert Childers, Chef Instructor, The Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago; and Tyler Burke, Culinary Arts student, The Art Institute of Phoenix.
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