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Noun1.Nentsi - a Uralic language spoken by a Samoyed of northern Siberia
Samoyedic, Samoyed - the Uralic languages spoken by the Samoyed in northwestern Siberia
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The researchers also studied samples from 14 Tundra Nentsi individuals living in eastern Siberia.
The team examined 678 genetic markers in the human genome and found that one of the markers ties every Native American group to the Tundra Nentsi. The marker, moreover, is found nowhere else in the world.
The domestic reindeer belonging to the indigenous Chukchi people on Chukotka and the Nentsi people on Vaygach and Bol'shezemel'skaya Tundra east of Arkhangle'sk in Russia are all part of the traditional reindeer husbandry in tundra areas of the north.